[Mailman-Users] Re: Migration questions (majordomo,MHonArc,Yahoo!Groups)

Phillip L. Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Wed Nov 20 23:02:45 CET 2002

Arlen Walker wrote:
 >>Phil Harbison wrote:
>>[1] I want most of my archives to be private. [...]
>>[2] I like the way Pipermail automatically breaks the archives up
>>     by {month,quarter,year} and creates an index of indexes.  My
>>     larger MHonarc archives get rather cumbersome.
>>[3] I like the way Mailman/Pipermail obscures the email addresses,
>>     although it could be better.
>>[4] I'd prefer to maintain only one package.
>>If these are not valid reasons, please clue me in.
> Three of the four are subjective, so there's no sense in addressing them.

I don't see how #2 and #3 are subjective.  Can Mhonarc automatically
break up the archive indexes by month?  If so, can you tell me how
to do that?  I'm currently using the MHonarc configuration file to
obscure addresses by adding ".nospam" to the end of the address, but
that is fairly easy to defeat.  Pipermail changes the '@' to "%40".
Is there a way to get MHonarc to do that too?

 > I'm not an apologist for one or the other.

DoOd?  I'm not asking anyone to be an apologist.  I'm new to MM
and relatively new to MHonArc, I'm just looking for advice.  Like
I said, if my reasons are not valid, clue me in! :-)

 > As for myself, I went to the trouble of tracking down MHonArc
 > and installing it because the included Pipermail couldn't do what
 > I needed done, namely archive MIME attachments along with the message.

Good point.  This is not a requirement for any of my lists.  We
prefer to strip and discard any attachments.

 > Reason #1, the only one not stated as a personal preference, is
 > addressed in Mailman FAQ 3.7:

Thanks.  I will look into that.

Does anyone have any data on the relative performance of MHonarc
and Pipermail?  One thing I like about MHonarc is I can collect
messages and process them in a batch.  For some of my busy lists,
I process a batch every 5 minutes rather than processing messages
as they are received.  I have not figured out how to do this with
Pipermail.  BTW, I'll be happy to post my MHonarc queueing scripts
if anyone is interested.

Phil Harbison

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