[Mailman-Users] Re: Migration questions (majordomo,MHonArc,Yahoo!Groups)

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Thu Nov 21 00:11:11 CET 2002

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 17:02, Phillip L. Harbison wrote:
>>Phil Harbison wrote:
> >>[1] I want most of my archives to be private. [...]
> >>[2] I like the way Pipermail automatically breaks the archives up
> >>     by {month,quarter,year} and creates an index of indexes.  My
> >>     larger MHonarc archives get rather cumbersome.
> >>[3] I like the way Mailman/Pipermail obscures the email addresses,
> >>     although it could be better.
> >>[4] I'd prefer to maintain only one package.
>  >>
> >>If these are not valid reasons, please clue me in.
> > 
> > Three of the four are subjective, so there's no sense in addressing them.
> I don't see how #2 and #3 are subjective.  Can Mhonarc automatically
> break up the archive indexes by month?  If so, can you tell me how
> to do that?  I'm currently using the MHonarc configuration file to
> obscure addresses by adding ".nospam" to the end of the address, but
> that is fairly easy to defeat.  Pipermail changes the '@' to "%40".
> Is there a way to get MHonarc to do that too?

Not sure about adjusting the indexing - that will probably take some
modification of the Source; however, the email address munging is fairly
easy to accomplish via a separate script that is kicked off by cron.
This is especially easy if all you want to do is replace any occurance
of "@" with "%40":
   sed 's/@/.a.t./g' filenam > filenam.rm_at

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