[Mailman-Users] Requirements page incomplete

Onno Zweers onno2003 at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 20 17:13:03 CET 2002

Dear Sir(s)

On this page with requirements, there is the following method to check if the 
right version is installed.

% python -V
Python 2.1.3

I'd like you to know that on RedHat 7.3, this doesn't work. On this version of 
RedHat, python 1.5 is installed as /usr/bin/python and it doesn't recognise 
the parameter -V. Python 2 however is also installed, but as 

It took me some time to figure this out. I hope you will be so kind to change 
your page, to include this information, for the benefit of other new users of 

Onno Zweers

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