[Mailman-Users] Announce only list

Brian Read brianr at bjsystems.co.uk
Fri Nov 22 16:49:58 CET 2002

At 15:01 22/11/2002, Parker, David K wrote:
>Hmmm, the lack of response on this one leads me to assume that announce only
>lists are not a feature of Mailman. Short of modifying the default welcome
>message and mangling every other lists welcome message, this is not doable.
>Are there any developers monitoring this list? Are there plans to add this
>type of functionality in the future? It would seem reasonable that one could
>alter the entire contents of a welcome message for any given list without
>affecting every other list. A default welcome should still be available but
>allowed to be overridden entirely for a specific list.

If you look at the FAQ on the web site, you will see details of how to 
set-up an announce only list.  i am running 3 as we speak.



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