[Mailman-Users] Subscriberlist SQL Lookup...

Markus Ruecker markus.ruecker at mr-consult.net
Fri Nov 22 17:15:07 CET 2002


I'm running Mailman 2.1b5 with Postfix on a Linux system.
My question: is it possible to store a subscriber list into a MySQL

The background is, I already have a contact database with email
addresses. I've written a windows based tool to administer this
database. Every person who is listed in this database with his email
address should be a member at a mailinglist. The problem is, that the
users could change their subscription or mail address. This should be
stored in the database. All of this should work automaticly. I don't
want to doublecheck the subscriber list ervery day to get my database up
to date.
So, this is the question again. Is there any way to store a subscriber
list in a database.
Last time I asked this question I don't get any answer, maybe it's
diferent this time....

Thanks for your help,

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