[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers for a List?

David Richards d.richards at qut.edu.au
Mon Nov 25 01:15:30 CET 2002

This is also now possible with RedHat Advanced Server - using shared
storage???  So will it run in a load balanced manner there??

Presumably if it runs on a Tru64 cluster (which we have many of), it will
run on a number of servers sharing file systems via NFS??



> >
> > Using the LDAP master/slave paradigm.  Even better would be to
> use the > Novell e-Directory method and have a 'peer' network. 
> So any updates > against any system in the peer-ring, will update
> (and make sure it > happens - receive confirmation) every other
> member in the peer group. >
> > Sounds good - someone with a lot more time than me going to
> pick it up?? >
> Since we are venturing into the realm of proprietariness ....
> Even better would be to just install/run Mailman on a Tru64 UNIX
> cluster with Mailman installed on shared Cluster Filesystem, set
> up for load balancing and/or failover among cluster nodes as
> desired. 
> Linux clusters may get there someday but it is going to take a
> while longer. 

Dave Richards
Project Manager (Messaging)
Information Technology Services
Queensland University of Technology

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