[Mailman-Users] forcing addition of "hostile address"

Christopher Kolar ckolar at imsa.edu
Mon Nov 25 16:31:31 CET 2002

Hello.  I am trying to add a person to a mail list and having some 
problems.  Their organization runs some sort of bestial mail system where 
the addresses are of the form:

         schmoe.j/bhs at dns.u99.k12.il.us

When I try to drop the address in through the mass subscribe screen I get 
the following message from Mailman:

         * Joe Schmoe -- Hostile address (illegal characters)

My guess is that the / is getting parsed by Mm as an attempt to reference a 
file (a la majordomo).  Is there a way to force the address onto the 
subscriber list?  It is an actual valid address for delivery.

Thanks in advance,


Christopher G. Kolar
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    Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
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