[Mailman-Users] need to authorize a posting

Devra Rochelle devra.rochelle at sure-wood.com
Mon Nov 25 17:44:26 CET 2002

The previous systems administrator for our company is no longer employed
here. I am his replacement, and have receive emails stating, "as list
administrator, your authorization is requested for the following mailing
list posting". My predecessor left no documentation as the password I should
use to approve or deny the request, or any way to seek help with the
program. How can I get in?

Also, I am unable to open a window to edit our mailing lists - including to
add my own name! I have a couple of other questions as well. I can be
reached at (513) 351-5705 or this email address. Any assistance you can give
me will be greatly appreciated.

Devra Rochelle
Systems Analyst
Sure-Wood Forest Products

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