[Mailman-Users] Premature end of script headers

David Gordon davidgordon at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 28 16:50:49 CET 2002

I've reinstalled Mailman 2.0.13 because I couldn't get it going
yesterday. I beleive I'm installing it on a machine with "Apache/1.3.23
(Unix)  (Red-Hat/Linux) mod_ssl/2.8.7 OpenSSL/0.9.6 PHP/4.1.2 FrontPage/ configured".

Followed all instructions, created new list, got initial message, went to
configure list on web page but received an internal error message. The
httpd error file says...

[Thu Nov 28 15:37:24 2002] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: /home/mailman/cgi-bin/admin

... do I start all over again?

I don't know what's up here. I know I can do this, I've got a list
running fime on another server.



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