[Mailman-Users] Subscribe, reply, nothing more

Denny Schierz cuall at gmx.de
Thu Nov 28 17:29:03 CET 2002


i installed the lastest Mailman on Gentoo Linux without problems. But i can subscribe on the webpage, then i reply the mail from mailman and that was it.:

We have received a request from for subscription of
your email address, <cuall at gmx.de>, to the labe at cst-it.local
mailing list.  To confirm the request, please send a message to
labe-request at cst-it.local, and either: ...

I found no errors, in syslog, mailman logs & Co. . I have Postfix-Cyrus-Mysql System running. My other Mailman installations on Debian Potato/Woody are working without any problems. 
How can i find, what the problem is?. My perms are ok, for Mailman. 

cu denny

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