[Mailman-Users] Web-based posting?

Nicolas Steenhout vavroom at bmee.net
Sat Nov 30 03:02:27 CET 2002


I've searched the archives and FAQ and I can't seem to be finding answer to 
my question.  This may be that I'm rather inept at searching! :-)

The host I'll be going with for my domain offers mailing list via mailman, 
which is a system I've used on another mailing list, as a user.

Here's what I want to do, is it possible to do it?

I want for the list to be restricted to registered users (no problem so 
far).  I want user's registration to be approved by the admin before they 
can become active.  I want users to be able to read the list on the web (no 
problem, archives, right?).  Most importantly, I would like users to be 
able to POST to the list from the web.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

"You must deal with me as I think of myself" J. Hockenberry

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