[Mailman-Users] Web-based posting?

Elaine Miller elaine at elainemiller.com
Sat Nov 30 03:12:14 CET 2002

Hmm. Seems like one ought to be able to set up a simple formmail on an 
html page, since Formmail sends to the set address as coming "from" the 
email address the user enters.

Might be harder to stop spammers with this one...

I'll go try it. Surely it can't actually be that simple? 


On 29 Nov 2002 at 21:02, Nicolas Steenhout wrote:

> Hello,
> I've searched the archives and FAQ and I can't seem to be finding answer to
> my question.  This may be that I'm rather inept at searching! :-)
> The host I'll be going with for my domain offers mailing list via mailman,
> which is a system I've used on another mailing list, as a user.
> Here's what I want to do, is it possible to do it?
> I want for the list to be restricted to registered users (no problem so
> far).  I want user's registration to be approved by the admin before they
> can become active.  I want users to be able to read the list on the web (no
> problem, archives, right?).  Most importantly, I would like users to be
> able to POST to the list from the web.
> Any help would be appreciated, thank you
> Nicolas
> http://www.bmee.net
> "You must deal with me as I think of myself" J. Hockenberry
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