[Mailman-Users] ## Mailman Questions for "FAQ"

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Tue Oct 1 16:59:32 CEST 2002

* Fred Showker <showker at graphic-design.com> [20020929 19:05]: wrote:
> Greetings

Which version of Mailman???

> #1 Sudden deluge of SPAM hitting the list
>    Under the "Security" section of the ADMIN it says:
>    "... See "forbidden"
>    However I cannot find "forbidden" anywhere on any of the
>    help pages or any of the other pages. Also searched the
>    documentation and the word doesn't occur there either.

I can't see "Security" section myself ;-)

>    Will those 'frequent' spammers be blocked if I add their
>    domains to the block screen?

Mailman 2.0.x has some patch to intergrate SpamAssassin - it's
at sourceforge.

>    How do I block them without getting a notice?
>         Hold posts with header value matching a specified regexp.
>             Allows you to filter out known addresses or domains that function
>             primarily as spam providers.
>    I do not want to "HOLD" those posts, I want them blocked and
>    deleted without being notified.

Search the list archives for "clear request" script.

> #2 Sudden deluge of "bounces" or "undeliverables"
>    The list has been operating fine for months using this set
>    of subscribers. Suddenly, yesterday, I get 160 "undeliverables"
>    from known good addresses. Some of them also actually got
>    posted. Today I get 7 more pages of bounces.

You have to sort that out with your MTA.

> #3 Bouncing Non-Subscribers
>    I would rather "DISCARD" and delete all posts from non-subscribers
>    and NOT get any notice of any kind.
>    The option doesn't seem to be available. How do I do that?

clear requests script will do, I believe.

> #4 When are duplicates deleted?
>    If I get duplicate addresses, are they deleted immediately?

Never seen it myself.

> #5 Remote "Unsubscribe"
>    Is there a better way to "UNSUBSCRIBE" people using an email?

They can do it themselves, no?

>    It is rediculously tedious to remove people (who post a "Remove Me"
>    to the list) by going to the member management page. 
>    If you've got a list of 50,000 subscribers, you have to first
>    load all the initial page, then try to find the page where the
>    address is located, then find that person to UNSUBSCRIBE them.

That's all I have for now.

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