[Mailman-Users] Archives page keeps asking for login/pass after upgrade

timduru tim1 at timduru.org
Sun Oct 6 21:51:34 CEST 2002


I've recently reinstalled the server that was hosting the mailman
mailing I was running (mailman 2.0.4). 

I put the different files and archives back into the fresh install 
of the server / mailman (2.0.13)

the lists seems to be working fine but when once tries to go to the
archives (private) it ask for the password, 
once you enter it you get the main page with the threads / months
lists, then when you click on something on that page it takes you back
to the login / pass page. 

As it's written on the page it's using session cookies, 
but not sure why it doesn't work anymore.. 

any help appreciated :)

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