[Mailman-Users] problem with list member's vacation script

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Fri Oct 11 16:18:08 CEST 2002


I manage a mailing list site with mailman, and I recently had the following 

Lets say I have a list called test at site.org with 3 members: m1 at foo.org, 
m2 at foo.org and m3 at foo.org. m3 has its vacation script turned on. m1 sends an 
email to test at site.org, so m2,m3 and m1 itself receive the email. m3's 
vacation script replies to m1 and to test at site.org, so m1 gets 2 copies of 
the reply (one directly and one through test at site.org), m2 gets a copy and m1 
gets a copy of its own reply which in turn will be replied by its vacation 
script and so on. So my mail server ends up sending a lot of useless emails.
How can I stop this situation? 
I know I can reject or hold emails based on some header pattern matching, but 
I cannot do this on a case by case basis, not all vacation scripts behave the 
same, so this is not a solution for my problem.
I was thinking maybe there's a way to configure mailman so that if m1 sends 
an email to test at site.org mailman will not send a copy of the email back to 
m1 just because m1 is a list member.

Also, is there a way to limit the number of postings each member is allowed 
to sent per day?


Gustavo M.

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