[Mailman-Users] Delayed posts to mailman lists from Netscape/Mozilla browsers

Art awagner at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 12 09:48:22 CEST 2002

I encountered and solved a problem with Netscape 4.xx under Linux 
causing problems when posting to a mailman 1.xx mailing list. Due to a 
problem with how Netscape 4.xx handled headers the postings ended up 
being held for administrative action before being posted to the list. 
This was resolved / fixed by adding a statment to Netscapes prefs.js and 
preferences.js file s to change how Netscape handled headers. I am now 
using Netscape 7.00 and Mozilla 1.2b under Linux and have been noticing 
the same problem again. Can you direct me to a source of the fix for 
this problem under my current browsers?
Art Wagner
Note; I may encounter the problem on this post :<}

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