[Mailman-Users] Advertising a list: solved

Armando Soto Baeza asbaeza at catsanet.com.mx
Sun Oct 13 01:47:04 CEST 2002

Thanks to all who give me your suggestions.

Expecting it helps someone else, here is an abstract of what should be
done in order to advertise a new list.

1.- Under the privacy options, be sure to check on "Advertise this list
when people ask what lists are on this machine" (indeed I had it).

2.- Under the General Options, be sure to put in the field "Base URL for
Mailman web interface." the right name of your host. In my case, I had it
wrong, cause I did not put the host name, just the domain. (It works fine
to the web service, but not for the mailman).

3.- Enjoy your new list!


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