[Mailman-Users] rejecting non-subscriber postings

Erez Zadok ezk at cs.sunysb.edu
Sat Oct 19 14:50:27 CEST 2002

On one mailman list I maintain, I get spams submitted to the list.  Spammers
find out about that list and I can't do much about that.  However, when such
a spam comes to me, it gets queued by mailman and I, the list-admin, have to
go and manually reject/discard those spams.  It's becoming an annoying
chore.  I'd like to be able to just configure Mailman to discard/reject ALL
non-subscriber emails, and have mailman send them back a note saying they
have to subscribe first.  I didn't see such a feature off hand in Mailman.
Is there? (maybe part of the 2.1 anti-spam features?)

Occasionally a non-subscriber really asks an appropriate question on my
list.  I'm willing to accept that those people will have to subscribe first;
it's the price they have to pay --- but it'll save me time.


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