[Mailman-Users] duplicating a mailman list?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Oct 20 03:46:09 CEST 2002

>>>>> "EZ" == Erez Zadok <ezk at cs.sunysb.edu> writes:

    EZ> [I've used mailman for a few years now, but I'm new to this
    EZ> list.]

    EZ> How do I create an identical duplicate of a list by another
    EZ> new name?

    EZ> I'm using mailman 2.0.13.  I'm generally very happy with it.
    EZ> When I need to create a new list, it takes me time to create
    EZ> it, b/c for the most part I want to configure that list
    EZ> identically to other lists (esp. wrt privacy/protection
    EZ> features).  Specifically I want to turn on/off certain
    EZ> features, etc.  I do so by creating a new list, then going
    EZ> through the Web interface for the old and new list, and
    EZ> setting the options by hand.  It's a pain and time consuming.

Erez, take a look at bin/config_list.  What you can do is set up some
basic templates for values you want in common on all your lists, then
install them via bin/config_list.  Note that you do /not/ have to have
all the variables in your template that are given by config_list -o.
If you omit some from your template, they won't be changed in the
target mailing list.


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