[Mailman-Users] duplicating a mailman list?

Erez Zadok ezk at cs.sunysb.edu
Sun Oct 20 00:18:12 CEST 2002

In message <1035049694.1633.35.camel at Anncons.nc.rr.com>, Jon Carnes writes:
> I've seen a python script that does this - it was posted to this list,
> so it must be in the archives.  What you really need to do, is edit your
> ~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py file and add in the defaults that you
> prefer.  Then when you create a new list, the defaults will be set
> properly to your standards.
> Alternately, you can dump out a lists configuration by using
> ~mailman/bin/dumpdb
> You can modify the output and then feed that back into a list (using
> dumpdb again) to modify its configuration!  Dumpdb is a great tool and
> you can use it to dump out and save various mailing list "syles" (like
> announcement only lists, general discussion lists, or moderated private
> lists, etc...)
> Good Luck - Jon Carnes

I've used dumpdb before.  Definitely a useful tool.  But how _exactly_ do I
feed in edited dumped files ("marshaled dictionary"?) back into mailman
using dumpdb?  Can you send me the actual sequence of shell commands?

Maybe there's some python magic I'm not familiar with; but dumpdb doesn't
appear to take stdin, and seems always to want to have an argv[1] specifying
a .db file of that .db format.

It'll be great if I could use dumpdb to re-configure an entire list.


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