[Mailman-Users] Re: mailman and Domino; can't get mail back to mailman

David Gibbs david at midrange.com
Sun Oct 20 17:16:11 CEST 2002

<gbm at godsfellowship.com> wrote in message
news:OFB5BBE51F.9DD18BD3-ON86256C58.004CE976 at mctires.com...
> I have mailman on a slackware box with sendmail.    ww1.mydomain.com
> The mailserver for ww1 is mx.mydomain.com. It is a WinNT box running
> Mail Server.

Seems like a pretty basic problem to me ...

You need to get the mail to your linux box.  Either send the mail to
list at ww1.mydomain.com (make sure your mailman and sendmail is suitably aware
of the domain change), or configure the domino server to redirct to the list
aliases to the same alias on the linux box.

I try to avoid Domino at all costs (I knew a guy who administered Domino
once ... he died), so I really can't help you with the specifics.


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