[Mailman-Users] mailman and domino mail server

gbm at pecosbill.com gbm at pecosbill.com
Sat Oct 19 06:28:46 CEST 2002

I have mailman on a slackware box with sendmail.    ww1.mydomain.com
The mailserver for ww1 is mx.mydomain.com. It is a WinNT box running Domino
Mail Server.
I have a mailing list: list
So the addresses are : list at mydomain.com
          list-admin at mydomain.com
          list-requests at mydomain.com
          list-owner at mydomain.com
These are set up in aliases.

When I try to send a request, etc, say to list at mydomain.com it routes to
mx.mydomain.com and is rejected because their is no user name
list at mydomain.com on the Domino Server.  If I make a user
list at mydomain.com, it stops at the Domino Server level.

How do I get the mail back to ww1.mydomain.com?

Brent Mayes

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