[Mailman-Users] I have the same problem with the list not sending mail..but getting confirmations...

Armando Soto Baeza asbaeza at catsanet.com.mx
Sun Oct 27 00:36:23 CEST 2002

You have that problem with all of your list suscribers, or just with a few
of them. In the first case, it may be as simple as you have not add the
proper lines to your aliases file.

Be more specific and maybe somebody can help you :-)

> When a user signs up to the list they get a confirmation of the request,
>  also  administrative emails go through.  But the posts to the lists
> dont,  i've checked the error logs...and i see nothing, there is nothing
> sitting  int he qfiles dir, and the mailman user had its own cronjobs
> setup.  I'm  not sure exactly what to do...any help would be great
> thanks.
> Jared
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