OFFTOPIC Re: [Mailman-Users] Archive URL in postings (2.1b3)

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at
Tue Oct 29 17:52:09 CET 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 11:40, Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> On Tuesday, October 29, 2002, at 07:20  AM, Jeremy Portzer wrote:
> > alerting people clearly.  Obviously it's screwing up many people's
> > filters.
> then your filters were set up wrong. You sohuld have been filtering on 
> List-ID all along, since that's what it's there for. Filtering on 
> to/from is incorrect, so saying we shouldn't break it is also incorrect.

Personally, *my* filters were correct; I'm having no problems.

It's just a general good idea that when you change things, you should
let your users know of the changes.  I agree that filtering on To/From
is not idea, but many people do not know better.  Many people are used
to other list software that has nothing like List-ID, so they're forced
to filtering on To/From.

One of the rules of effective system administration is to not piss off
your users.  I was just trying to remind people of this!  You can be a
BOFH in private, but that attitude doesn't work in real life.

(fortunately, this thread is already marked OFFTOPIC!)

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