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Mike Burton mburton at
Wed Oct 30 08:04:11 CET 2002

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From: "Chuq Von Rospach" <chuqui at>

> Point taken. If list-ID exists, it is what you should use to filter
> list mail on. not all list servers support list-ID yet, but the right
> answer is to encourage them to follow the standards, and you should.

Not to sound like Mr. Negativity, but your proposed filter on List-ID isn't
implementable on many mainstream MUAs.  So I have seen this question asked
already, but read no response so far - I use Outlook as my MUA, so how do I
sort on the List-ID field (impossible from what I know of Outlook)?  From
what you appear to be supporting I have two choices - be screwed or change
MUAs - neither are acceptable answers from my standpoint.

I also have the issue of seeing the mail headers reflect that the mail was
sent to me and CC'd to the list, especially since the from line states your
name and not the list name.  This isn't correct (read as wrong!).  I did not
receive the mail directly from you as indicated based on the painly visible
header fields.  The original mail was not CC'd to the list as indicated
either.  In fact, it was mailed to the list and distributed from the list to
me.  Maybe this is a semantic, but it's how folks see and read the To, From,
CC headers - including myself.  Creating this kind confusion and making it
harder to relate to how a mail comes to be delivered is not a standard that
I believe will gain support.  If you think folks want to spend their time
examining headers to understand how the mail was really handled, then you're
on the right track here.  But if you really understand end users, you will
know better.  Now, did I send this mail to you directly or did it come
through the list?  Would you know for sure if you hadn't filtered it without
digging through the headers?  I believe my point has been made if you think
about it a little.

I've been doing email for over 23 years now and I've never seen this kind of
header mutation come to be accepted and I really hope Mailman doesn't keep t
his adaptation.  I think it is unacceptable to alter the headers this way -
just my two cents.

Thanks for the listen,

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