[Mailman-Users] Limiting Number of Subscribers and Messages?

Victor Daniel the MacNut macnut at macnuthome.com
Mon Apr 28 14:09:39 CEST 2003

I've looked in the FAQ, and the archives, and the list owner pages, and have been unable to locate
anything about this. So I'm asking here, is there a way to limit the number
of subscribers that can join a Mailman list? Say, for example, I want one
list to have only 20 subscribers, and another list to have no more than 500.
And I'm able to change either of those numbers at any time.

Another question I need to ask is, can the number of messages a Mailman list
delivers be restricted? Say I want an announcement list to send only 1 message a week,
and a discussion list to send no more than 10 messages a day. How do I do

Of course, the list owner should not be able to change the options for
number of subscribers or messages per day. This should be the domain of the
site admin only.

The MacNut 

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