[Mailman-Users] Upgrading lists 2.0.X -> 2.1.X

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Thu Dec 4 01:55:43 CET 2003

I just did a
and after that the existing mailing list were ok. 

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 09:58, Morgan Fletcher wrote:
> Morgan Fletcher <morgan at hahaha.org> writes:
> > Do I need to update the data under $prefix/lists/ when upgrading from 2.0.X
> > to 2.1.X? If so, how? I don't see any mention of it in the 2.1.3 INSTALL or
> > UPGRADING document, but when I try the upgrade with 2.0.8-era lists/ data,
> > I get errors about missing properties. (fields?)
> Anyone?
> Morgan Fletcher
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