[Mailman-Users] Viewing this list (digest) in OE and question re spammers

Mike Winnett mw at wood-floors-ireland.com
Thu Dec 4 16:55:55 CET 2003

I joined this list several months ago (digest) as I planned to move my
lists from majordomo to mailman and thought I'd play it smart and have
a load of digests to look through, I had found the greatcircle list
helpful when I was on Majordomo.     Now I've made the move, but when
I went to the digests folder in OE it informed me that it was not
letting me see the attachments, it seems OE thought they might be
viruses or something.    Anyway I've deleted them all and changed my
options at Python to Plain Text which works fine, I get the digest as
one long textfile.  Is there a way to configure Outlook Ex not to do

One Mailman query, my lists archive all posts automatically, I've set
it so that only list subcribers can see the archives, how will that
affect spammers who want to harvest addresses?    Are they currently
joining lists in order to get the addresses?

Hope these queries are appropriate, I've run my lists on listproc,
ezmlm, majordomo, and now mailman, and I still don't know what I'm


mick winnett

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