[Mailman-Users] real_name attribute error

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Tue Dec 9 16:46:09 CET 2003

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vicnoise . wrote:
> 1) when I try to edit the 'General Options' I get this error
> message: 'Error: real_name attribute not changed! It must differ
> from the list's name by case only.' even if I didn't set any chang
> at all.

You haven't given us any details about what version of mailman you are
using, but I can about guarantee that you are using it hosted on a
site run by cPanel.  This is a cPanel created bug and you should bitch
to your provider about it.  While you are at it, tell them that
cPanel's habit of modifying and distributing GPL'd software while not
making their changes available is a breach of the license terms.

If you happen to be able to get them to provide you with a link to
their mailman patches, please post that link here.  I've tried
contacting them to request them but they've never responded.

> 2) When I try to post a message to the list created with the error
> msg as above I get in reply this msg: 'You are not allowed to post
> to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically
> rejected.  If you think that your messages are being rejected in
> error, contact the mailing list owner at myemail at address.com

Are you subscribed to this list in question?  Take a look at the
Membership of the list as well as the setting under the Privacy

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