[Mailman-Users] Spaces in Email Addresses

Jonathan Garton jon at jonsweb.net
Thu Dec 11 17:42:36 CET 2003

I have a problem with spaces in my lists email names.  Awhile back I mass 
subscribed a list of email and real names that was exported from another 
list manager program.  The format of export was "name at email.com realname".
It added these entries to Mailman with the space and realname as the 
email address. However, from the 
admin pages, I can't unsubscribe these names, as apparently Mailman 
doesn't see them as being subscribed.  

I have tried entering the email only, and the email and name in quotes, 
and both return errors from Mailman saying I can't unsubscribe 

Is there another way I can dump these accounts?



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