[Mailman-Users] re-creating list archive - old List-Archive problem

Todd Freedom_Lover at pobox.com
Wed Dec 17 03:04:26 CET 2003

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Gour wrote:
> Todd (Freedom_Lover at pobox.com) wrote:
>> Here's a WAG, does it matter that PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL is set before
>> DEFAULT_URL_HOST?  I don't know how Python handles that.  If order
>> counts, then PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL would be picking up the hostname from
>> what's defined in Defaults.py.  If order is irrelevant, then so is
>> this whole paragraph.
> Actually, I wrote in such an order, actually it's:
> DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'lists.vediclists.net'
> DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lists.vediclists.net'
> # Using secure http (SSL)
> DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'https://%s/mailman/'
> # Public archive URL
> PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL = 'https://%(hostname)s/pipermail/%(listname)s'
> so it does not apply :-(

OK.  It was just a guess anyway.

>> You might try using dumpdb on a working list and a nonworking list
>> to see what differences there are.  I would assume that the
>> nonworking lists will have the old virtual domain in them
>> somewhere.
> I'll do it, and I'm sure that nonworking lists have the old values,
> but I'm just wondering how to change them :-)

That's not too difficult.  Basically, you can use the fix_url.py
script as an example of how to create a withlist script to change any
list values you need.  You can also use config_list to export the list
config to a file and then add or edit the value you need and then
re-import it using config_list.

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