[Mailman-Users] no subjects in pipermail archive listing

Guy Antony Halse g.halse at ru.ac.za
Wed Dec 17 13:33:12 CET 2003

Recently several of the mailing lists we run have developed a strange
problem when generating the pipermail web archive pages.  For a period of
about ten days or so, all mail messages posted to the mailing list appear in
the web archive with a subject of "No subject".

When I view the actual messages through the web, they're not complete - in
most cases the first few lines of the message are missing, and in some cases
the entire message is.

If I copy the relevent mbox for the list and open it using my mail client
(mutt), it opens fine and it appears as if all the mail messages are
complete.  mutt indexes it as I remember the actual postings being, complete
with subjects.  The same is true of all lists that have this problem.

I suspected that the indexes were corrupt, and so I ran arch --wipe on the
list to rebuild the archive in the hopes that it would fix the problem.
Unfortunately it didn't.

We're running mailman 2.1.3 with the July 2003 RSS feed patches from

Any help or suggestions people might give that will help me regenerate the
archive indexes properly would be appreciated.

- guy
Systems Manager, IT Division, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa
Email: G.Halse at ru.ac.za   Web: http://mombe.org/  IRC: rm-rf at irc.zanet.net
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