[Mailman-Users] Block domain

Christopher Jackson cjackson at avaki.com
Thu Dec 18 00:16:41 CET 2003

If I'm not mistaken, ^ in regex means 'start's with' so what you are
saying is anything that starts with domain.com should be dropped.  I
think you want something more like .*@domain.com or *@domain.com.

I could be wrong though...

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> I want to block all mail from a specific domain.  Under 
> Privacy options/sender filters, in the box marked "List of 
> non-member addresses whose postings will be automatically 
> discarded" I put ^domain.com.  This should be a simple 
> regular expression that will always match the domain name, 
> but I still get emails that a posts from whatever at domain.com 
> needs authorization, and I have to go in and delete it.  Why 
> doesn't this work, and what does work?
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