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pls. describe
"which is in the domain of your mail server software (MTA)"
Where is {MTA} specified

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> 19-Dec-03 at 21:11, way2market.com (info at way2market.com) wrote :
> > We have around 30 mail id for our employees, One administrator Mail is
> > also there, We want that whenever any mail goes out or comes in from
> > any mailbox, the administrator should get a copy of same to keep track
> > of all the records of office data. Can you suggest the steps to do the
> Mailman is a list manager, and keeps archives of everything. These are
> available in the web interface.
> It sounds however that you want _all_ email to be subject to these
> rules, which is in the domain of your mail server software (MTA). It's
> possible with Postfix but that's off topic for this list.
> Ethically you should let all employees and all external contacts know
> that an admin is receiving copies of their email. It's perhaps even
> illegal unless people know about it in some countries.
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