[Mailman-Users] admindb cgi functions don't work.

Chris Johnson johnson at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 22 15:25:42 CET 2003


     I've updated to mailman 2.1.3 on my rh7.3 system.  The lists
work.  Most of the admin functions work.  Check_perms says everything
is ok.  However, the functions available from the admindb CGI don't
work.  They didn't in 2.1-8 either.  There seems to be no error log I
can locate.  I know admindb is running because I moved it and the Web
server complained, so it is looking at the right CGI.  But it doesn't
do any of the four available status changes when I try them on any
message in any list.  This would seem to indicate a systemic problem
in the CGI.  The group ownership is correct as is the SGID setting. 

     Are there any diagnostics I can turn on in mailman?  Does anyone
have ANY clue what might be going on here?  I have a backlog of held
messages I'd very much like to clear up.  

     Help GREATLY appreciated.

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