[Mailman-Users] Disabling VERP

Tom Maddox tmaddox at thereinc.com
Tue Feb 4 23:42:10 CET 2003

> > I tried twiddling the VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL setting, but it made no
> > difference.
> Hey Tom... a couple of questions (forgive me if they sound silly, or if
> they've already been asked):
> 1) Are you changing ~mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py--not
> ~mailman/Mailman/Defaults.py? (and if you're changing Defaults.py, you may
> want to check mm_cfg.py... however, in practice you really don't want to
> muck with Defaults.py...)

Yep, I'm changing mm_cfg.py.

> 1) Have you stopped & restarted Apache? (apachectl stop && apachectl
> start(ssl))
> 2) Have you stopped & restarted mailman? (mailmanctl restart)

No and no.  I thought that the Python code got run each time a new message
was received.  If that's not the case, that may explain part of my problem.

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