[Mailman-Users] Disabling VERP

Tom Maddox tmaddox at thereinc.com
Thu Feb 6 00:18:24 CET 2003

> Tom
> I think there is some confusion here about what is meant by
> VERP'ed address.

Evidently, you are correct. :-/

So, that's not my problem, then, but my problem remains unresolved.  In a
nutshell, here's what I'm observing:

Prior to my "upgrade" (oh, bitter irony!) to Mailman 2.1, mail sent via a
list had the following characteristics:

From: User Name [user at domain.com]
To: <listname at domain.com>
Reply-To:  <list|user> depending on list setting

Now, the mail looks like:

From:  listname-bounces at domain.com on behalf of User Name [user at domain.com]
To: <listname at domain.com>
Reply-To:  <null>

Additionally, sometimes Outlook will insert the "short description" of the
list into the To: field when replying, but I'm willing to believe that's a
bug in Outlook.

My users don't like the new From: format, and I am trying to get it back to
the way it was, which seems like such a small and simple thing to do but
evidently is not.  Also, getting rid of the text attachments in Outlook when
the footer has a different character set than the message body (also due to
a new "feature" introduced in 2.1) would be delightful.

Thanks for your time and patience,


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