[Mailman-Users] Disabling VERP

Simon White simon at mtds.com
Fri Feb 7 10:25:29 CET 2003

07-Feb-03 at 01:58, Barry A. Warsaw (barry at python.org) wrote :
>     TM> My users don't like the new From: format, and I am trying to
>     TM> get it back to the way it was, which seems like such a small
>     TM> and simple thing to do but evidently is not.  Also, getting
>     TM> rid of the text attachments in Outlook when the footer has a
>     TM> different character set than the message body (also due to a
>     TM> new "feature" introduced in 2.1) would be delightful.
> ...this is an Outlook problem.  I tested this with my colleague Tim
> Peters, Window user extraordinare and even with Content-Disposition:
> inline clues, Outlook[*] still insists on displaying them as
> attachments.  Standards are for other people, I guess.
> Next time I see him, I'll try to convince Tim to subscribe to a
> personalized list and look over his shoulder while he views the
> messages.

I have seen too much software with specific Outlook / OE requirements
and workarounds. It is sickening.

Outlook / Outlook Express are *not* mail user agents (MUAs) they are
pseudo-mail unaware-user agents (PMUUA, kinda like the noise horrid
tasting food makes when I spit it back out).

Sadly changing MUAs is not a possibility for a lot of people, and some
people thing Outlook Expressly-made-to-annoy *is* email.

I will never lose the energy to keep telling people to run PC-PINE,
Eudora, Mulberry, Pegasus, or something else (even a webmail app). The
best argument is simple - you will get 95% less viruses JUST by changing
your mail application.


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