[Mailman-Users] Porting listproc web-archives to Mailman

Matthew Davis matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net
Sun Feb 9 21:07:28 CET 2003

* Paul Kleeberg (paul at fpen.org) wrote:
> I have a listproc list that has about 12 years of messages which I 
> would like to still make available from within the Mailman web 
> archive interface.  How I can accomplish this migration?  Some time 
> back Michael James <michael at james.st> posted a script to migrate 
> lists from listproc but it looks like it only moves the list 
> settings.  I tried redirecting a couple of old messages but it didn't 
> preserve the original date.
> Anyone shed some light on this process?

I've never used listproc but after doing a little bit of reading
on listproc.net this might work.

I don't know how your system's setup, but if you have shell access to the
listproc server, there should be a mbox files in $LPDIR/LIST-ALIAS/  You can
d/l that file then cat it into an existing list mbox file.

# cat listproc.mbox >> mailman.mbox

After that you can regenerate the archives with bin/arch

Hope it works!

Matthew Davis

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