[Mailman-Users] Problems unsubscribing people

Matthew Davis matthew.davis at dogpound.vnet.net
Sat Feb 15 05:24:17 CET 2003

* Janice Leong (janice at neteffect.ca) wrote:
> I currently have several email addresses listed in the admin site that have
> single quotes around them.  I would like to unsubscribe these members and
> subscribe them again using correct email addresses.  Yet when I go to
> unsubscribe them, I get an "Error unsubscribing" message showing all the
> members from that page with "Not subscribed" written next to them.  If I try
> to simply subscribe them using the proper email addresses, I get a
> "Successfully subscribed" message initially, but when I log out and go back
> into admin, their names are not there.  Any reason why this would be and how
> I can resolve this problem?
> Janice Leong, Web Production Manager

Per a post just recently by Tokio Kikuchi, he said to try the withlist
command.  Thou his solution fixed comma's in the address.  So using his

% python -i bin/withlist mylist
 >>> m.Lock()
 >>> del m.members['\'user\'@mailinglist.com']
 >>> m.Save()
 >>> ^D

Maybe...?  I'm no python programmer.

Matthew Davis

Silence is more eloquent at times than words.

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