[Mailman-Users] Passwords of members UPDATE

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jan 4 08:21:09 CET 2003

The ownership issue is a red-herring.  As long as it's group owned by
mailman and it's g+rw you should be fine.

I'm guessing somewhere along the way Python got upgraded and the
status of the crypt libraries changed (either they were there before
and not now, or vice versa).  Try setting USE_CRYPT=0 in your
mm_cfg.py file.

A better solution would be to upgrade to MM2.1.  It uses sha1 hashing,
which will always be available.

BTW, a debugging tool I use quite often (or the Python literate here),
is to sprinkle the code with lines like:

    syslog('debug', 'some value: %s', somevalue)

which puts the output in errors/debug.  You may need to add

    from Mailman.Logging.Syslog import syslog

at the top of the file, if it isn't already there.

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