[Mailman-Users] problems with different chatsets (footer gets attached if different)

Ben Gertzfield che at debian.org
Mon Jan 6 23:58:25 CET 2003

Sebastian Talmon wrote:

>* Ben Gertzfield <che at debian.org> wrote
>>Are there really so many people out there who are using 
>>non-MIME-compliant mail readers that this is necessary?
>yes, there are some people out there using MS Outlook or so...
>there the footer is not shown in the message, but attached
>as a Attachement called ATT00010.txt ...

I wonder if MS Outlook can be convinced to inline the footer if we 
specifically add:

Content-Disposition: inline

to the header/footer attachments.

I haven't tested this at all, but this patch to 
Mailman/Handlers/Decorate.py to add Content-Disposition: inline to any 
MIME'd headers and footers may make MS Outlook show the footer in the 
message.  Can you test it and see if this fixes the "problem"?

--- Decorate.py 13 Dec 2002 16:35:05 -0000      2.21
+++ Decorate.py 6 Jan 2003 22:49:37 -0000
@@ -93,7 +93,9 @@
         # The next easiest thing to do is just prepend the header and 
         # the footer as additional subparts
         mimehdr = MIMEText(header, 'plain', lcset)
+        mimehdr['Content-Disposition'] = 'inline'
         mimeftr = MIMEText(footer, 'plain', lcset)
+        mimeftr['Content-Disposition'] = 'inline'
         payload = msg.get_payload()
         if not isinstance(payload, ListType):
             payload = [payload]
@@ -137,9 +139,11 @@
     payload = [inner]
     if header:
         mimehdr = MIMEText(header, 'plain', lcset)
+        mimehdr['content-disposition'] = 'inline'
         payload.insert(0, mimehdr)
     if footer:
         mimeftr = MIMEText(footer, 'plain', lcset)
+        mimeftr['content-disposition'] = 'inline'
     del msg['content-type']

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