[Mailman-Users] Migrating from 1.1 on one machine to 2.1 on another?

Tom Neff tneff at grassyhill.org
Sun Jan 26 19:46:01 CET 2003

I looked through all the docs and list archives for an answer to this, but 
didn't find one, so here goes.

I have several large & active lists on Host A that's running Mailman 1.1. 
I have a new server, Host B, that's more powerful and the new home, etc, 
etc, and already has a few active lists running under the latest Mailman 

I want to move the busy lists from Host A/1.1 over to Host B/2.1.  I can't 
just do a list_members and mass add, because there's all sort of flags 
people have set.  I tried running the 2.1 'dumpdb' against the 1.1 
config.db and it does produce a readable listing, but I doubt it's 
importable straight to 2.1.

Does anybody have experience with this?  Any code that helps?

Thanks.  I get the Digest, so feel free to Cc or Bcc me on any reply if you 
want me to see it quicker.

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