[Mailman-Users] archive and .htaccess

Keith Mastin kmastin at beechtree.ca
Wed Jan 29 06:14:56 CET 2003

>I have the 2.1-7 RPM from RedHat's Rawhide installed on RedHat 7.3, with
>Postfix 1.7 (the RedHat 7.3 RPM, with some minor tweaks). It's mostly
>working. I have a test list created with members subscribed, but the
>archive doesn't seem to be working. From
>https://server/mailman/listinfo/list/, I click the archive link, which
>takes me to https://server/pipermail/list/ and I get back a 404 from the
>web server. I have the Alias defined in my Apache config.
>/var/mailman/archives/public/list[.mbox] is a symlink to the 
>corresponding file in the private archive folder. I think it's a problem 
>with either the Apache config (directory index diabled?) or file 

I just went through this yesterday. The problem for me was that the group 
permissions were not set guid. I did chmod g+s and the archives were 
accessible after that.

>I want to have the mailman site 'protected' with a username/password, 
>but am not sure where the .htaccess file should go to do this.

It goes into the directory that you want to protect. This is not real 
protection, as the username/password pair are transmitted in plain text. 
Best to put the entire area under ssl and use mod_auth_pam to 
authenticate the users (if they are system users).

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