[Mailman-Users] 'Pre-sales' questions...

Abbo Peterson dreambig at onepost.net
Wed Jan 29 18:32:40 CET 2003

Before I consider Mailman as a newsletter mail list solution, I have a few questions. I hope you have time to answer them...

- Does Mailman allow you to create custom headers/footers?
That is, can I write specific text and have it be inserted before and after the body of each email? You know, "You received this message because... (header)" and "If you wish to be removed from this list... (footer)"

- Does Mailman support attachments, styled text and HTML email formats?
I'm not a technical guy, is this question about multipart or MIME support? I have multiple people who can send email to the list. Several use HTML email clients. Does Mailman support that? Does Mailman support styled text (bold, color, size changes)? Does Mailman support sending attachments?

- KEY: Is the header/footer feature supported when using email formats other than plain text?
I currently use SmartList for our mailing list needs. As soon as the email Content-Type is -not- plain text, the header/footer is omitted from the email. Grrr. This happens anytime someone attaches a file, styles text or uses the HTML email format. I need a mail list solution that supports custom headers/footers -with- email Content-Types besides plain text.

Thanks in advance,

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