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jsmith jsmith at smittybuilt.com
Tue Jun 10 20:41:19 CEST 2003

Ben, list members,

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jsmith wrote:

>I have posted the same issue several times.  If what you say is
>how do I see the footers and headers from this list and not from mine?

What language is your list configured for?  The mailman lists are 
configured for US English, and so messages posted in pretty much any 
language will get the footers attached without MIME attachments (since 
any other character set is a strict superset of US English, headers and 
footers in US English can be concatenated with the original message 
without MIME parts).

**  List is configured for English

Any other language will most likely get MIME attachments for headers and

footers, since the headers and footers will be assumed to be in the same

language as the list, and so they cannot be safely concatenated to 
messages in other character sets.

>I see them in the header info from any postings on my list.  But not
>where they should be.  I am also not using Outlook Express.  I have
>tried Outlook, Eudora, and several webmail clients.

It works in every mail client I have access to (mostly Mozilla-based 
mail readers) and a few webmail readers I've tried (yahoo, 
squirrelmail).  I don't have access to Outlook or Eudora.

**  I do have a test list setup besides the ones in use.  I would be
more then willing to add you to it and send a few test postings to let
you see the headers and maybe the problem.  If so send me an email
directly and I will add you.  


Thanks for your time and effort,


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