[Mailman-Users] footers (disappear)

CodyG cody at pinkpc.net
Wed Jun 11 04:03:29 CEST 2003

I'm still stalled, not sure how to proceed with my newly installed Mailman.
Everything is working fine, except ffooters issue seems to be a choice of
getting the footers with text only, or use html and send out footer info
regularly. But those archives! Again, text seems to make the most sense. I
haven't got shell access yet, so installing MoNhARC <sp?> is another
mountain. So, I'm thinking Mailman is a great little mailing list for text,
but isn't going to be very friendly for my users.

Fact: My users love reading/writing email on the web, or Outlook Express,
every other app is alien to them.  And they are addicted to backgrounds and
font styles and sound stuff.

Another Fact:   I, Sysop, changed hosting in order to have access to proper
mailing list tools without having to rely on Yahoo or Smartgroups, or
whatever. The goal...a secure seamless mailing list interface on my own
website, preferably with user management and archives accessible by the user
through a php-nuke module.

For the life of me I can't figure out why such an application doesn't exist,
it could hardly be an original concept.

<rant mode=off>


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