[Mailman-Users] mailman authentication

John P. Looney valen at tuatha.org
Mon Jun 16 09:44:04 CEST 2003

 I'm using INN to host some newsgroups, with mailman running an NNTP to
mail gateway. I then have NewsPortal providing a web front end to
threading and posting. It all works nicely.

 However, I now want to setup a webpage that can authenticate new users.
I don't mind what the authentication system is (flat file, mysql,
mailman's wierd pck files). I'm not that strong on python, but could
learn if need be.

 The neatest setup would be that a user would "join" by giving a
username and password. They would then be presented with an options
screen, which would include "mail based subscription" to 

 The ideal mechanism would be; if someone likes receiving posts via
email, they subscribe (either through the mailman webpage, or one I
write), and mail delivery can be selected for whatever groups they wish
to subscribe to. Then, the mailman password & username they've entered
is used to create a user in the authentication database. Otherwise, they
can go to a web page that makes an entry in the same database. It might
make sense to subscribe them to all lists, but just turn mail delivery
for all lists off.

 If anyone understands my rantings, and knows what I'd like to do, and
has an idea, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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