[Mailman-Users] Problems to startup Mailman

Rupak Mohan rupak_mailman at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 16 10:20:00 CEST 2003

Dear All,
    I have installed Mailman 2.1.2 successfully.
 The problem is :
    I created a newlist,it says
#  /bin newlist mylist
 Enter the email of the person running the list:mylist at rupak.com
 Initial mylist password:
mylist:                    "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper post mylist"
mylist-admin:          "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner mylist"
mylist-request:        "|/var/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd mylist"
mylist-owner:           mylist-admin
 To finish creating your mailing list,you must edit your /etc/aliases (or equivalent) file by
adding the fllowing lines, and possibly running the newaliases program
Hit enter to notify mylist owner..
and comes out..
(1) Now the problem is there is no /aliases directory under /etc.
   so how and where should i store the above aliases.??
(2) My default MTA is SendMail  (on RedHat linux 7.2).
     where and  what all configuration  i need to do access my new lists on Mailman.??
(3) when i try to access www.rupak.com/mailman/create
     my browser returns  "Unknown Host"
      solution for this as well..
     Kindly reply back with appropriate suggestions...Thanx in advance.

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