[Mailman-Users] Re: Disabling Passwords

ghhalley ghhalley at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 27 02:14:59 CET 2003

Howdy Larry,

How did you make the changes for this.  Is it in the Admin
configuration panels?  (I don't remember it there)

George Halley

--- 5:05:46 PM, you wrote:

> At 07:28 PM 3/26/2003, you wrote:
>>I am using Mailman V 2.0
>>I want to know how I can disable the need for a new subscriber to create
>>password. I think the subscribers are going to find it quite annoying that
>>they have to create a password for our newsletter. They should just have
>>subscribe and unsubscribe options...

> I use v2.1.1, and have a lot of lists set up as "Newsletter" style, and 
> none of the users are given passwords.  Since I don't allow archiving of 
> the newsletters, and they don't want/need to go to the web page to change 
> their settings, they are subscribed and unsubscribed without notices being 
> sent to the members.

> Larry

>>Your Comments are appreciated...

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